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Hello, we're Even Atom and we make skincare that works.

We’re measured, meticulous and matter of fact. When our products come into contact with your skin, we couldn’t imagine being any other way.  

Our Story

Even Atom is the creation of Lucy and Kevin, a California couple on a mission to bring trust back to skincare. 

Years ago, Lucy exclusively used high-end skincare brands. Think fancy French names, so-called magical seaweed ingredients and celeb endorsements. But when Lucy started to question whether it was really worth it, she went deep into research.

The report? Mixed.That’s why Lucy and Kevin created Even Atom — a premium skincare brand for those who want the beautiful experience of high-end brands, firmly rooted in science. 

Their top priorities? Settle for nothing less than proven, active ingredients from the highest-quality suppliers. Create skincare that really works, but with no sacrifice on experience.

And most importantly? Create a brand customers can trust. No outrageous claims. No obscuring the facts.

Even Atom is the new, radically transparent brand in premium skincare. After all, the only review that matters is your review. Because no one else’s skin is exactly like yours.  

Try it, then let Lucy and Kevin know what you think.